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If you are looking for a small, unique and historical venue for your wedding - which is also very affordable - we have it here at Cardrona in beautiful Central Otago !

Cardrona village is nestled in a mountain valley on the Crown Range highway between Wanaka and Queenstown. The local reserve contains two historic buildings - the 135 year old school, and the even older former church. The domain is an ideal setting for either an indoor or an outdoor wedding.

Cardrona Hall and Church in summertime

You can choose an inside ceremony in the church (seating for 60), or an outdoor ceremony in the grounds, with a wet weather option of either building, and can decorate to suit your own style for your very special day.  If using the hall, it has  seating for up to 100, or for 60 for a sit-down meal.   It has a small, fully equipped kitchen.

We offer two options

  • day use of the church, with the hall for pre/apres ceremony drinks
  • the church and hall for ceremony, wedding breakfast, evening use etc.

There is plentiful accommodation within walking distance - or, as some weddings have done, your guests can use the adjacent grounds to camp for the weekend. Information on catering, celebrants, etc can be supplied on request, or check out other listings on this website.

An outdoor wedding at the Cardrona  Historic DomainThe historic Cardrona Church interior The historic Cardrona Hall interior
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Historical Background

The Cardrona hall was built in 1879 as the local school. Children used to walk or ride for many miles to attend lessons each day, and the adjoining paddock was where they left their ponies during school hours. For many years, Cardrona was the largest school in the whole of the Wanaka district, but in 1954 dwindling numbers caused its closure. It was then gifted to the valley as a community hall, and in recent years both the hall and church have been restored to their original condition and are now used to host meetings, weddings, and musical events.

The small church has a much more chequered history. Even older than the hall, it began life as the miner's recreation hall, an annex attached to the All Nations Hotel downstream across the river. Surviving a fire which burned the Hotel down, the annex was later consecrated as the Cardrona Catholic Church. With the valley's depopulation after the second World War, the building was transported down valley in 1952 and became the Catholic church in the growing Wanaka township until 1985, when it was replaced by a new church. It was to be demolished, but a Cardrona valley resident purchased it at the original price it was sold for and had it transported back up the valley to its current resting place on the Cardrona Hall reserve. It has now come full circle, and is being used once again as a venue.

If you would like to know more about the various options available, or to visit the domain, please contact us.

Kay & Martin Curtis
E: martincurtisnz@gmail.com
P: 03 443 8152

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